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Manas is the mystery of mind. Mind is spirit. Mind and spirit are one and Manas is spirit. The mind and brain are not the same thing, though mind, which exists outside of matter, uses the material brain when it is interacting with the material world.  The mind does not use the brain when it is functioning outside of material existence. The brain lasts for but one lifetime while the mind is the spiritual chain of jewels which runs through multiple lives or incarnations, with each unique and individual life representing a jewel. Manas, or the mind principle, has a lower and higher function. In each life we are either moving upwards into the higher mind or we are descending further down into the lower mind.  The choice is ours but we cannot move in both directions at the same time. We are moving towards spirit or we are moving towards material desire.

JC Collins is a Theosophist who has studied the original Theosophy of HP Blavatsky for over twenty years. In 2014, JC started the site Philosophy of Metrics which was focused on the global monetary system, geopolitics, cultural and socioeconomic structures, and the philosophical and esoteric nature of humanity throughout history.

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