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Echoes of the Infinite

JC Collins A starving eye opens in the dark. Birth. Confusion and sadness. As a child, I drew your face, yearning pencil on impossible...

The Great War for Eurasia

By JC Collins Originally published on April 8, 2017 – Philosophy of Metrics. Nothing in the media is true. The 59 Tomahawk cruise...

The Geopolitics of XRP

This article was originally published on July 15, 2018. The lawsuit which the SEC launched against Ripple in Dec of 2020 is a clear...

Globalization 4.0 with XRP

Elements of the Philosophy of Decentralization The world's first attempt at globalization has failed because there was no alternative to...

The Ripple of Tomorrow

A Work of Futuristic Fiction written in 2018. The total XRP counter read 33,733,332,712.47 Edom watched the numbers flick lower on the...

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